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Welcome to MK Media!

My name is Marissa Kaye Connelly (get it? MK?), the founder of MK Media.


I bring a diverse skill set cultivated through multiple roles as a film production manager, photographer/videographer, and dedicated social media manager.

 I've overseen productions on Henderson County Government Channel, managed content for Cups & Claws Cafe, and crafted digital galleries for Bonilla Pet Studio and Swell Vision.

Collaborating with diverse teams and organizations, I consistently contribute to the success of productions, exceeding client and customer expectations. Fueled by a continuous pursuit of knowledge and creativity, I eagerly embrace new tools and trends to deliver exceptional results. My passion lies in creating engaging and impactful media that highlights the unique stories of the people, animals, and products I've had the privilege to work with.

Join me on this journey, where every project becomes an opportunity to weave compelling narratives and bring visions to life.

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